My research


I am an economist who specialises in microeconomics, mathematical economics, industrial economics, and public economics. Much of my research focusses on decision theory and game theory, along with their economic applications. I am particularly interested in the role that repeated interaction can play in explaining the existence of institutions that might alleviate various potential market failures and other social problems.

Some of my research can be found at the following websites.

Publications: Journal Articles

  • Eldridge, DS, I Onur, and M Velamuri (2016), “The impact of private hospital insurance on the utilization of hospital care in Australia”, Forthcoming in Applied Economics. (DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2016.1192272.) (Early view version available here.)
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  • Gabbitas, O, and D Eldridge (1999), “Reforming State taxation”, Policy 15(1), Autumn, pp. 20-28. (Available here.)

Publications: Books and Monographs

  • Eldridge, DS (2007), Essays in Microeconomic Theory, Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin, December. (Available here.)
  • Daly, A, D Nguyen-Hong, D Eldridge, O Gabbitas and P McCalman (1998), Youth wages and employment, Productivity Commission Staff Research Paper, Ausinfo, Canberra, October. (Available here.)
  • Gabbitas, O, and D Eldridge (1998), Directions for State tax reform, Productivity Commission Staff Research Paper, Ausinfo, Canberra, May. (Available here.)

Publications: Book Reviews

  • Eldridge, DS (2008), “A review of Repeated games and reputations: Long-run relationships by George J Mailath and Larry Samuelson (Oxford University Press, USA, 2006, pp. xvi + 645)”, The Economic Record 84(264), March, pp. 128-129. (Available here.)
  • Eldridge, DS (2007), “A review of Scorcher: The dirty politics of climate change by Clive Hamilton (Black Inc Agenda, Australia, 2007)”, Policy 23(3), Spring, pp. 56-58. (Available here.)